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Welcome to Denver!

What better way to welcome everyone to Mayor John Hickenlooper’s Denver, than to start off with some discussion on the Mile High City’s ultimate reception statue: the Devilish Blue Horse of DIA.

For those of you who have forgotten, or haven’t been to DIA lately, all those traveling down Pena Boulevard to or from Denver International Airport are treated to this 32′ high sculpture of a red-eyed neon-blue Mustang. For a little back story, the statue was commissioned from a Mr. Luis Jimenez by the Denver International Airport (which is owned by the City of Denver) for a hefty cost of $300,000. However, before completing the project, poor Mr. Jimenez was killed by the sculpture during a bizarre sculpting accident:

Mr. Jimenez was killed working on the sculpture. In 2006, while he was hoisting pieces of the mustang for final assembly in his New Mexico studio, the horse’s massive torso swung out of control and crushed the 65-year-old artist.

-Wall Street Journal

If that’s not a bad sign, I don’t know what the heck is.

Granted, this whole venture started back in 1992, so it’s not like anyone can justly blame John Hickenlooper for this hideous piece of crap tarnishing a visitor’s views of our purple mountain majesties.  However, a pretty big stink has been made since the statue was installed in 2008, with a Facebook page being started to garner support for the horse’s removal.  This was after an additional $350,000 was spent in 2007 to “rehab the sculpture, ship it, install it and dedicate it.” However, Mayor Hickenlooper has ignored all of the hubbub, and is inclined to keep the blue colt reared up in perpetuity. If that wasn’t bad enough, Hickenlooper himself went on the record with some pretty whacky comments regarding the filly figure:

Mayor John Hickenlooper — always good for an entertaining speech, no matter how stupid the subject — mused about the horse’s glowing red eyes, an effect that some cultures believe could work to ‘ward off evil spirits – a good thing to have at an airport,’ he noted.


Hmm… interesting perspective, John.  But if history tells us anything, this statue may not be that affective at warding off those “evil spirits” you speak of. I mean, it did end up falling onto its creator – ending his life. Didn’t it?

And for those of you looking for some more opinions on this, mosey on over to Yelp! to check some top notch reviews such as this one:

“Creepy.  Weird.  Demonic.  Bizarre.”

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